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Understanding Google Ads: A Guide to Its 5 Key Types

Google Ads is online program to business.It is a paid advertisement help to sell products or services, raise awareness, and increase traffic to your website.In past year, the printed advertisement is medium of exchange.It is powerful patform where the users can create advertising campaigns to show the ads on the internet

Advertisers can create ad campaign with google ads using a variety of objectives,campaign types,targeting options and ad formats.some of the ad options that advertisers can use text ads,display ads,resposive ads,shopping ads,images ads,vedio ads,call-only ads,and mobile app ads

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Different Types of Google Ads

Search ad

It is a marketing techinique that place advertisement on google.It is a most used method of google ads.The companies are paid penny amount for the each click.It a effective tatic used by most the large companies to target the audience.The reach of the advertisement is determined by the keyword used

Display Ad

It has a wide presence on the internet. It is a online advertisement that combines the text,image,and url that links to a website where customer can learn about more product or services.It has the potential to improve the brand awarness and brings traffic to your website that convert into sales.The best part is that it can also contain shortvedios,it makes more attractive.It is a type of google ads that hightlight the ads on the google.

Shopping Ad

It is particular option if you have specific ad requirement related to products.It also converts the product into sales.It is method of converting viewers into buyers.When you want to puy a particular product, the related product will display on the google.To complete this process the product should be submit merchant center account.It is also possible to show the ads on youtube.

Vedio ad

Youtube is the second largest search engine.vedio ads is apt for is helps ful reach the potential customers where they are watching and find the new can shown in the begging,middle and the right side of youtube vedios.conversio  rate is low compared to other methods

Performance ads

Performace max is new type of automated ads that combines ai tool to display responsivbe ads on the is eligible to run across all the google inventories like gmail,search,display,youtube,google discovery.It has wide range of acceptance,reach more number of customers with minimal efforst.It is perfect for the begginers who want to reach potential customers

Discovery ads

It has the potential to reach 3 billion is displayed on the google discovery feed,mobile youtube feed,gmail,under social performance tabs.


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