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Social Media Influence and How It’s Growing

Referencing to Different Aspects

We are witnessing the progression of social media in its early stages. It is beneficial, but the constant use of social media affects our mental health and productivity. Social media influencers are rising up and are considered part of society. They have found another mode of earning income by utilizing the features of social media.

What is Social Media

Social media is the active platform in which the users can create, share,exchange information and idead through virtual communities and networks.Face book,x/Twitter,Instagram,youtube are major social media weapons for the new generation.Some are utilised for their individual progression, and others are considered it as a media for expressing their thooughts,opinons.

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Social Media Influnencer is the one of the key element of emerging social media.These content creators have access to large audience and can share information to persuade others and drive social media engagement.The top companies are collaborate with these influencer in order to promote their product or services.Social media influencer will be responsible for developing and executing campaign to reach the target audience and  also be responsible for creating content with the help of social media management tools

Types of Social Media Influencer

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Celebrity Influencer

These are well known influencer amd they acquire their following from their celebrity status.some of these companies especially skincare products hire these type of influencer to endorse their products to their fans or followers

Consumer influencers

These peoples gain followers due to their personality and reliability.They are typically active on the social media through the text posting,blogging,posting vedios or sharing photos.Their active participation make them real and trusted

Micro influencers

These types of influencer are expert influencer.They gained followwers and viewers due to their knowledge in specific area. People easily trust their opinions when they recommend a product.

Content creators

These include professional bloggers,vloggers and photographers. They specialize in creating content that readers are interested in, aiming to increase their engagement and views.Most of the company will send their product to the influencers for making review abouth product and to increase purchasing rate

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